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Why does "I was happy to do my homework" work, but "I was tired to do my homework" doesn't?

I'm teaching ESL, and I came across a question from one of my students that I don't know how to answer. Using the form "{subject} {verb} {adjective} {infinitive phrase}" we've been going over... more


How to see the difference between superlative and comparative?

Let's say we want to translate the sentence: "That is the most expensive house". Is it right to translate this to: "Quella è la casa più cara"? How can I see the difference in Italian between 'the... more


What is the rule for adjective order?

Some adjectives seem to change meaning depending on the position (before of after the noun), e.g.> un bambino piccolo - *a young child*> un piccolo bambino - *a small child*Other simply don't... more


What is the difference between "scheinbar" and "anscheinend"?

I often hear both variants:> Der Zug ist scheinbar schon abgefahren. > Der Zug ist anscheinend schon abgefahren.Is there a difference in meaning or can both expressions be used interchangeably? more


Is unwillkürlich the opposite of willkürlich?

My dictionary translates *willkürlich* as *arbitrary* and *unwillkürlich* as *involuntary*. I do not understand in what sense these concepts are opposites. Could someone give an example where this... more


Is there a proper format when asking a question?

My book has the following format when asking a question:"È verde il libro grande?" I write it as such.But what's the difference with writing "È il libro grande verde?" Would Italians tilt their... more
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Usage of ~じゃん (~じゃない)?

I'd like to know if I can put ~じゃん at the end of every adjective, if there are any exceptions to that usage, and if it's different from ~じゃない. **Adj (na) + じゃん** > 便利じゃん > 便利だったじゃん >... more


Why does Japanese have two kinds of adjectives? (-i adjectives and -na adjectives)?

Japanese has two kinds of adjectives known by several terms but the ones I know are `i-adjectives` and `na-adjectives` - why? I recall that Japanese adjectives are much more like verbs than in... more


Is “the girls are want to gossip” correct?

Is this the correct use and placement of *want*? > The girls in the office are want to gossip. Does anyone have a reference citing this use?


Grammatically correct sentence where "you're" and "your" can be interchanged?

Most grammar checkers are capable of detecting the the misuse of "your" and "you're"; providing the necessary correction. I'm curious though, is there any sentence that can be constructed where... more
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Break down this sentence: In my younger and more vulnerable years my father gave me some advice that I've been turning over in my mind ever since

The teacher wrote:  Analyze that sentence's "grammar"  in any way that you want to/are able to. Start at the word class level if you like. You could talk about phrases and clauses within the... more


is the word generous an opinion or a condition

is generous an opinion or a condition when ordering adjectives?  

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