Cass G.

asked • 08/29/19

Can someone help me with limits and absolute values please? :)

The instructions are to find the limit. My brain flipped upside down when seeing the absolute value symbols.

lim |x-3|

x-> 3- x2-7x+12

Thank you!

1 Expert Answer


Patrick B. answered • 08/29/19

Math and computer tutor/teacher

Patrick B.

The reason why the x-3 gets switched to 3-x is because it is inside the absolute value and is NEGATIVE. REcall, the definition of absolute value: |z| = z if z>0 is positive But |z| = -z if z<0 is negative Of course |z| = 0 if z=0 It is negative because x is approaching the 3 from the LEFT, which makes is negative. So then |x-3| = -(x-3) by definition = 3-x


Cass G.

thank you! This helped so much!


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