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How can I graph the equation x=I2y+2I+2? And how to find its vertex and line of symmetry?

I know how its graph looks like but really don't know how to graph it or find its vertex. Please help me. Thank you

Absolute value of F(x)

The function f(x) = | - 1/2 x | doesn't equalA- g(x)= |- 1/2 | |x|B- g(x)= | 1/2 x |C- g(x)= 1/2 |-x|D- g(x)= 1/2 x

How to graph |x|+|y|=1?

 |x|+|y|=1   would you isolate for y: |y|=1-|x| and then consider x when x<0 and x>0? 

y= |x-1| -2

graph each equation or inequality

find domain, range, max, min, inc, dec, con cavity, abs max min

F(x)=2x4-3x3-10x2+20, find domain, range, maximum, minimum, increasing, decreasing, concavity, inflection points, absolute max/min?

This is a absolute value word problem that I had trouble with. Could anyone tell me how to solve it?

a rainstorm begins as a drizzle, builds up to a heavy rain, and then drops back to a drizzle. The rate r (in inches per hour) at which it rains is given by the function r=-0.5|t-1|+0.5 where t is... more

Graph Absolute Value Equation

GRAPH EACH ABSOLUTE VALUE EQUATION.   Y=!-1/4×-! ( the exclamation mark are the absolute value signs, please help)

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