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-1 is less then or equal to x and less then 8 It has to be graphed.

see above


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2 Answers

Brenda, if I am reading this correctly, your equation looks as such


If that's the case, you would draw a solid, vertical line intersecting the x-axis at x=-1 and another dashed vertical line intersecting the x-axis at x=8. Then, shade the area to the right of the solid line and to the left of the dashed line.  The dashed line indicates that 8 is not included in the solution, i.e 7.99999 would satisfy the equation, but 8 does not.  The solid line at x=-1 indicates that -1 is a possible solution to the inequality.

On a number line, place a closed dot at -1 (because it is less than or equal) and an open dot at 8 (because it is strictly less than). The solution set is all numbers between the two dots (and the CLOSED dot)