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Graphing Inequalities


Graph the inequality -3 ≥ 2x + 3 > 7

How do you graph on a line??
Graphing Inequalities


the highest temperature ever recorded there was 134 fahrenheit the lowest temperature ever recorded there was 15 fahrenheit write two inequalities is temperatur

what is two inequalities for 134 fahrenheit and 15 fahrenheit.
Graphing Inequalities


What is the inequality of the expression Y is at least half the number of X

Large nunumb of boxes is Y and the small number is X 
Graphing Inequalities


He makes $8 per hour working for pizza place and $10 per hour tutoring. His goal is to make $160 per week. Write an expression to represent

x represents number of hours works at pizza place y represents hours tutoring
Graphing Inequalities


what is the y=mx+b form of x+2y is less than or equal to 2?

The Steps through solving this problem  
Graphing Inequalities


graphing inequalities

graph the system of inequalities: y≤–x2 +4 y>-x
Graphing Inequalities


Graphing Inequalities

Randy has a coupon for 20% off any purchase, with a maximum discount of 15%. What is the highest purchase price that will receive the full 20% discount? Write an inequality to help you solve the... more
Graphing Inequalities


Graphing inequalities

An online electronic store must sell at least 2,500 dollars worth of printers and computers per day. Each printer costs $50 and each computer costs $500. The store can ship a maximum of 15 items... more
Graphing Inequalities Linear Programming Constraints


Can you list all constraints?

A craftswoman produces two products: floor lamps and table lamps. Production of one floor lamp requires 75 minutes of her labor and materials that cost $25. Production of one table lamp requires 50... more
Graphing Inequalities Applied Finite Mathematics


Sketching graphs using inequalities

Sketch and shade the region (indicating all intercepts and points of intersections satisfying the inequalities4x+6y ≤12, y ≥x, x ≥ 0, y ≥0.[2] Sketch and shade the region (indicating all intercepts... more
Graphing Inequalities Solving Inequalities


I Need Help On My Home Work

I really need help on my solving & graphing inerqualities worksheet
Graphing Inequalities Math


how do i graph y<-x+4

i need to know how to graph this equation  
Graphing Inequalities Inequalities Graphing


-1 is less then or equal to x and less then 8 It has to be graphed.

see above  

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