Gabriel Y.

asked • 04/12/22

AP Chem Need Help Urgent (Titration)

1. Answer all parts of the following question:

a) The graph below shows the titration curves of a 1 M solution of a weak acid with strong base and 1 M solution of a strong acid with the same base. Which curve is which?

b) Suppose you have four color indicators to choose from to detect the equivalence point of the titration reaction represented by the red curve in the graph above. The pKa values of the four indicators are 3.3, 5.0, 7.0, and 9.0. Which indicator would be the best one to choose?

c) Estimate the pKa of the weak acid in the graph above.

d) Why does a solution of a weak base and its conjugate acid control the pH better than a solution of the weak base alone?

Here is the image link :

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