Jesset C.

asked • 11/21/21

Could someone please help and double-check my homework just to make sure everything is okay? It is due tonight, and I have been so preoccupied with English that I had completely forgotten about it.

Directions: Complete the translation of the following sentences. Translate the following sentences from English to Spanish by writing the correct words on the lines.

 Example: Carlos has shaved. = Carlos se ha afeitado.

1. Adela has dressed herself. (vestirse)

Adela se ha vestido . 

2. The children have washed their hands. (lavarse)

Los niños se han lavado las manos. 

3. Victor and Hugo have put on their shoes. (ponerse)

Víctor y Hugo se han puesto los zapatos. 

4. I have not sat down for one minute. (sentarse)

Yo no me he sentado ni por un minuto. 

5. You have not combed your hair. (peinarse)

Tú no te has peinado . 

6. The children had put on costumes. (ponerse)

Los niños se habían puesto los disfraces. 

7. Gloria had put on her makeup. (maquillarse)

Gloria se había maquillado . 

8. You had washed your face. (lavarse)

te habías lavado la cara. 

9. We had enjoyed ourselves at the park. (divertirse)

 Nosotros nos habíamos divertido en el parque. 

10. I had eaten breakfast in the kitchen. (desayunarse)

 Yo me había desayunando en la cocina. 

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Jesset C.

Thank you so much for your kind help! :)


Jason R.

De nada. Nice to see your level of care with getting things right!


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