Ooyeon O.

asked • 09/19/21

how to solve the expected numbers? about the Hardy-Weinberg Equations.

1.    Record the expected (predicted) Hardy-Weinberg allele frequencies and calculate genotypic frequencies in the starting generation.

Allele frequencies given in your starting population (Generation 0):

p = frequency of allele R: f(R) =                              0.40                           

q = frequency of allele r: f(r) =                               0.60                           

Expected Hardy-Weinberg genotypic frequencies in the starting population (Generation 0):

p2 = frequency of genotype RR: f(RR) =                  0.16    


2pq = frequency of genotype Rr: f(Rr) =                 0.48    


q2 = frequency of genotype rr: f(rr) =                      0.36    


2.    If the population is under Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium, what should the genotypic frequencies be in the last generation?


Expected f(RR) =                                                                  

Expected f(Rr) =                                                                   

Expected f(rr) =                                                                    

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