Jake C.

asked • 06/12/21

Hello. I need help immediately with my homework. I always receive help after my homework is due. Please respond as soon as possible

Question 1:

For the reaction 2HNO3 + Mg(OH)2 → Mg(NO3) 2 + 2H2O, how many grams of magnesium nitrate are produced from 4 grams of nitric acid, HNO3 ?

Round your answer to the nearest tenth. Do not round your answers until the last step of the problem. If you do, the computer might mark your answer incorrect and you will be asked to complete your second trial for this assessment.

Use the following molar masses:

Element Molar Mass
Hydrogen 1
Magnesium 24
Nitrogen 14
Oxygen 16


Question 2:

S   + 6 HNO3 --> H2SO4 + 6 NO2 + 2 H2O

In the above equation how many grams of water can be made when 9 grams of HNO3 are consumed?

Use the following molar masses. If you do not use these masses, the computer will mark your answer incorrect.:

Element Molar Mass
Hydrogen 1
Nitrogen 14
Sulfur 32
Oxygen 16

I am so desperate

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