Kurt C.

asked • 05/09/21

Does, "between 6% and 10%" include 6% and 10%?

My problem: The question is a multiple correct answers/multiple choice and asks what are possible amounts of simple annual interest paid after 2 years if the rate varies between 6% and 10% (with an initial deposit of $5,200). I know how to calculate the range of values, but I'm not sure if my answers should include 6% and 10%. I appreciate the time and help. Here is the problem as it is actually phrased:

The problem: An account is opened with an initial deposit of $5,200. If the account pays simple annual interest at a rate that varies between 6% and 10%, which of the following could be the amount of interest paid after 2 years?

A. $600

B. $720

C. $860

D. $950

E. $1,040

F. $1,170

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