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What do I do if I get impaled?

Okay, really really weird question.

No, I have not been stabbed, no, nobody I care about has been stabbed.

I'm an author. Well, not an official author, but I'm writing a book and I wanted to be as accurate as possible.

One of the characters is in a battle with some stone golems, who are armed with arrow-tipped spears. She decides to try to do some ultimate move where she kicks down one of the golems, jumps on top of it, and smacks a second one with her make-shift weapon, which is just a stone slab, and steal the second golem's spear as a more efficient weapon.

Leaning down to grab said spear, the first golem stirs, but she pays no mind to it, thinking it was just the golem settling, continuing to examine her new weapon.

A sharp and sudden pain engulfs her lower leg, and she almost loses grip of the pointed stick.

Looking down, the first golem has plunged its spear into her calf while her back was turned.

What does she do in this situation? She's smart enough to not remove it, or risk bleeding out. She knows to seek medical help, but there's not much of it where she stands. In a world of fluffy dragons with poisonous saliva and mazes that swallow you whole, not much is structured, including medical systems. The closest thing she has to a doctor is a seamstress and a middle-aged hybrid with experience in this strange land. How would they go about pulling the spear from her leg? Having the spear only a bit in her leg, the pointed side only having about five inches till her leg, the other side being over four feet of rough stone, making it painful to pull out either way.

What's the solution to this unique problem?

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