Alesia I.

asked • 02/15/21

fill in the blank

Menal is making a plan to read her 625-page book. Her goal is to finish the book in 6 weeks. She is very busy during the first and fifth week, so she plans to read 50 pages during the first week and 45 pages during the fifth week. She will read the same number of pages during each of the remaining 4 weeks. 

Part A

Menal wants to know the minimum number of pages, , she must read during each of those 4 weeks to meet her goal.

Drag tiles to complete the inequality that models this situation.

50+ 625

45, 52, +, x, -, <, >, <, >, p, 4p

Part B

What is the minimum number of pages Menal must read during each of those 4 weeks to meet her goal? Assume she will read full pages, not partial pages.

Enter your answer in the box.


Nazlee R.

about 133 pages per day.


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