Krugen K.

asked • 02/09/21

Please show me the technique of these two ratio and percentage arithmetical problems without the use of calculator:

  1. The price of an item decreases 16 2/3 % (50/3 % or 16.67%), so that 5 extra quantities of the items can be bought for 75 $. How much is the current price for each dozen (12) of the items?
  2. Two numbers are in the ratio 4:3, which of these four options cannot be the sum of these two numbers:

A. 112, B, 154, C. 178 D. 182.

I have the answers, (1. 30 $, 2 178, provided the answers are accurate, not sure), but I need the Technique to solve these Without a Calculator.

1 Expert Answer


Krugen K.

Thank you very much form the ratio math. The first one I know is easy for most but I can't do decimal calculations without a calculator...


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