Asked • 01/20/21

Definite articles in Spanish

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Lourdes D. answered • 01/20/21

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Carlos M. answered • 02/04/21

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Lourdes D.

Actually there are Definite Articles in English as well as Indefinite articles. You can even check it in Wikipedia or in books. "the" is a definite article. Ex. the table (an specific table). So it is a "definite article "; or you can say "a table" (not an specific table), an indefinite ; or you can say the plural "some tables" (also not specific tables)also "a" and "some" are indefinite articles in English. But we are talking about Spanish, so lets go back to it: "The", a definite article in English , can mean one of the following in Spanish : el, la, los, las "el", (for masculine, singular ) , Ex. "el oso". (the bear). In most cases when nouns end in "o" are masculine so you use "el" " la" (for feminine , singular), Ex. "la casa" (the house). In most cases when nouns end in "a" are female, so you use "la" "los" ( for masculine, plural), Ex. "los osos". (the bears) In most cases when nouns end in "os" are masculine and plural, so you use "los" "las" (for feminine, plural), Ex. "las casas" (the houses), In most cases when nouns end in "as" are female and plural, so you use "las".


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