Asked • 11/24/20

Identify every phrase in the sentence and give its lexical category and its syntactic function in the following sentence:

There are already signs that his supporters intend to exploit it again during this campaign cycle.

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Cassidy A.

What about the subject and object? Are there any noun or verb phrases?


Shelley E.

Hello Cassidy! This is a very difficult sentence, so feel free to ask questions if there is something I can clarify. I offer one correction to my previous reply. (Signs) is the simple subject of the entire sentence. (Are) is the simple state-of-being verb. (Already there), I believe, is the adjective phrase... with (there), an adjective, being an expletive modifying the subject, and (already) being an adverb modifying the adjective. (There) isn’t the subject just because it is the first noun. I believe I misspoke before. (To exploit it again) would be an infinitive phrase acting as the direct object or noun phrase. It is hard to distinguish between an infinitive acting as an adverb vs acting as a direct object. See the following link for more clarification: (That) is the subordinating conjunction beginning the dependent clause. (His supporters) would be the subject phrase of the dependent clause with (his) being the adjective modifying the subject (supporters). (Intend) is the simple verb. I would be able to explain the reasons behind these better in a session. If you ever need grammar help, send me a request. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


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