Billie M.

asked • 11/19/20

The picture below shows a box sliding down a ramp:

The picture below shows a box sliding down a ramp:

A right triangle ABC has measure of angle ABC equal to 90 degrees and measure of angle ACB equal to 68 degrees. The length of AB is 14 feet.

What is the distance, in feet, that the box has to travel to move from point A to point C?

A. 14 sin 68°

B. 14 cosec 68°

C. 14 divided by sec 68 degrees

D. 14 divided by cot 68 degrees

At first I thought it was A, but I really don't know. Please help me as soon as possible and explain to me why it is the right answer. Thank you!

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Billie M.

Yes, the figure does show that, sorry, I could not get it to upload. And does that mean the answer is 14 sin 68°? Sorry for the confusion, I just don't understand the "how" or "why" it isn't any of the other answers, if that makes sense.


Sam Z. answered • 11/19/20

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Billie M.

What does any of this mean relating to the question or answer?


Sam Z.

This is how to figure a right triangle. Read it; compare portions; use an answer..


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