Tracy T.

asked • 10/26/20

4th Grade Math Problem - Weight and Mass

I may be overthinking this but something doesn't seem right. So in my daughters remote class today they are talking about weight and mass. The first question is

How many beans did it take to make 1 gram? Teachers shows a bag with one bean in it and says 1 bean = one gram.

Next question is

How many beans are there in the 1-ounce bag? She holds up a bag and says there are four beans in the one ounce bag. So answer is four according to the teacher. Is there not 28 grams (beans) in an ounce?

Last question is

There are 16 ounces in a pound. Write and solve a multiplication equation to show how many beans there are in your pound bag without counting them.

By reading that I would think they would want you to take four grams (which is what they are saying is an ounce) and multiply by 16 to get the answer. So 64. But she holds up a pound bag and there are clearly more than 64 beans in it. More around the 448 (16x28) give or take obviously based on actual weight of each bean.

So would you assume she meant to have 28 beans in the one ounce bag? Am i missing something or overthinking this?

Any help in this would be greatly appreciated. :)

Struggling Dad

Deontae H.

No, you have it right. So we know that: 1 bean = 1 gram 28 grams = 1 oz. 16oz = 1 pound. So if we have a 1 lb bag, that means we have 16 oz. And if we have 16 oz, that means we would have 28*16 grams, which is 448 grams, and we know there are 1 gram for every 1 bean, so we have 448 beans in the bag. Hope this helped!


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