Joshua B.

asked • 08/26/20

grade 12 data management

A PIN number for a bank card consists of 4-6 digits, with no restrictions. How many such PIN numbers are possible? (Repetition is allowed and 0 is allowed in first position)


Avery and Bradley work at a large electronics manufacturer that produces DVD players. The defective rate on the assembly line has gone up to 12% and the manager wants to know the probability that a skid of 50 DVD players will contain at least 3 defective units.

a) Help Avery use the binomial distribution P(x)= nCx px qn-x to answer this question.

b)Help Bradley use the normal approximation to answer this question.


A survey asked randomly chosen Star Wars fans how many times they watched any of the 6 movies in the series in the past six months. When the position of the percentile falls in a range, pick the midpoint of that range.

a) Find the median, first quartile, and third quartile for the data

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Anthony J. answered • 08/26/20

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