Jennifer K.

asked • 04/22/20

your cell phone plan has a flat rate of $30 each month for each text you send it costs $0.20 let x represent the number of texts that you send and y your total monthly bill

What is the slope (m)?

What is the y-intercept (b)?

What is the equation?

1 Expert Answer


Jennifer K.

Thank You! Though I have a question can you please explain It so I can understand how you did it why is the slope 0.2? When in the word problem it says “ it costs .20”


Dmitry B.

Jennifer, the key here is to understand how to create a line equation based on data given to you and what each coefficient in that equation actually means. The slop is simply one of those coefficients. Thus, you don’t need a slope, you need to understand how to create an equation.


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