Pamela D.

asked • 04/16/20

Need Help ASAP. Homework question.

Is it beneficial for the US to join forces with other nations of the world? Why/why not?

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Tom M.

I agree with this answer in principle. However, I don't neccessarily agree that international organizations such as the UN (United Nations) are dominated by the US. For example, during the Cuban Missle Crisis, our ambassador to the UN, Adlai Stevenson adroitly demonstrated Soviet agression and brinksmanship when the Soviets placed operational nuclear weapons in the unstable nation of Cuba led by Castro in 1962. Soviet aggression and brinksmanship was brought to the attention of the entire world and war was circumvented by the US in large part predicated by the presentation we put on at the UN in this time of crisis. We denonstrated the instability and danger of their action in the court of world public opinion. The UN has not always been succesful and able to prevent the catastrophe of genocide as occured in Cambodia or Bosnia, but for the most part the US has played a steady hand and acted in concert with other nations in this body.


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