Lily E.

asked • 04/13/20

Writing Linear Functions

A student writes the equation for a line that has a slope of -6 and passes through the point (2, –8).

y -(-8) = -6(x - 2)

y -(-8) = -6x + 12

y -(-8) + 8 = -6x + 12 + 8

y = -6x + 20

Explain why the work is not correct.

Kaitlyn T.

This student messed up on the first step, when you see -(-8) you should know that that is going to turn into a poitive because two negatives cancel eachother out, what you should have got on that first step is y+8=-6(x-2) then next you would have y+8=-6x+12, next you need to subtract the 8 from the 12 giving you your final equation y=-6x+4. Hope that helped!


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