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asked • 02/28/20

Finding the Average Epsilon and Molarity of Unknown Solution

Stock Solution: 8.8×10-5 M

Solution #1: 1.809×10-5 M

Solution #2: 1.046×10-5 M

You measure the absorbance of each solution (at λmax = 524 nm) and obtain the following results:


Stock solution 3.28
Solution #1 0.669
Solution #2 0.384

Determine the average epsilon for FD&C Red 40.


You are given an unknown solution of FD&C Red 40. You measure the absorbance and find it to be 0.570 at 524 nm.

Determine the concentration of the unknown solution in terms of molarity.

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J.R. S. answered • 02/28/20

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