Chlo A.

asked • 02/21/20

trig need help, with one last equation in my problem

If sinx=49, x in quadrant I, then find (without finding x)

sin(2x)= 2(4/9)(sqrt(65)/9)

cos(2x)= 1-2(4/9)^2

tan(2x) = ?

Mark H.

The sine of an angle cannot be greater than 1, so something has been copied incorrectly. (It looks like you might have meant sinx = 4/9.....) The last three lines are all what you are supposed to calculated based on line 1??


3 Answers By Expert Tutors


Robert C.

These types of problems (where you don't necessarily see "x" or other single variable as an argument) are intended to exercise your skill in recognizing identities even when the argument (in this case "2x") makes them appear different.


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