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Height of a Statue

A statue is mounted on top of a 42 foot hill. From the base of the hill to where you are standing is 73 feet and the statue subtends an angle of 10.3° to where you are standing. Find the height of the statue.

A. 8.5 feet

B. 28.7 feet

C. 24.3 feet

D. 19.7 feet

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Mark M.

I have worked with 10.3 as the angle of elevation and the angle of depression. Neither result in any of the choices. Please check the data.


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Matthew D.

I believe the angle stated in the problem refers to the angle between the lines from where the person is standing to the bottom and top of the statue.


3 Answers By Expert Tutors

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Doug C. answered • 16d

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Matthew D. answered • 16d

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Stephen C.

FWIW, I used the tan(A+B) formula, to avoid doing an inverse tangent ... it's probably a little more work, but I suppose buys me a bit of theoretical precision ...


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