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Asked • 08/06/19

What do you do if you enjoy writing, but have no ideas?

I've done some writing in the past - mostly short descriptive pieces, although I once wrote 9000+ words of a story idea I had.What I enjoy about it are the technical, intellectual, creative challenges involved in every level from the sentence to the plot arc. I am analytically minded: I enjoy identifying a problem, clarifying it, breaking it down, and *solving* it. I don't really do unrestrained creativity, I need a concrete problem, which "make up something interesting" isn't. Anything I've written in the past, I've just happened to get an idea: then I had fun solving the *concrete problem* of communicating that idea as well as possible. But coming up with the idea in the first place was just a happy accident.I've considered more conceptual forms of writing, like philosophical stories (dystopias etc). But is that the only way? Does anyone *want* to read a story written by someone who doesn't like coming up with ideas? Have any popular writers (past or present) been similarly-minded to myself? Or am I overthinking my problem, and this is something everyone struggles with? If so, what are some techniques for coming up with ideas when you don't care *what* you write, you just enjoy writing fiction?

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