Asked • 08/05/19

Has the US Supreme court ever altered its own precedent on the same topic twice?

I know there have been a number of instances where the United States Supreme Court has basically 'changed its mind' and ruled in a manner counter to a previous Supreme Court ruling. The most obvious being *Brown v. Board of Education*.Many of these cases are clearly examples of society moving on, for instance overruling decisions that a modern US person would likely have viewed as racist, sexist, or otherwise clearly 'wrong' by modern sensibilities; though that by no means applies to all of them.I'm wondering though if there has ever been a case of a the court changing its mind twice. That is to say that it originally ruled in favor of some concept X, later ruled against X, and still later overturned the second ruling by again ruling in favor of X?What keeps this situation from being more common? I know that Supreme Court Justices tend to be loath to overturn previous rulings. Not only has that happened, but given the highly polarized nature of American politics and the tendency of political parties to do everything they can to overturn any decisions made by the opposite party when they gain a majority, I'm a little surprised that Justices aren't more prone to the same, regardless of the general stigma against changing old precedents.

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Chris E. answered • 11/05/19

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