Asked • 07/31/19

Conjunction Reduction British English vs American English?

I am finding there is a difference in what is acceptable between American and British English. I posted this question on Facebook:"Grammar friends, I need your help! Is omitting the pronoun the second time it appears in a sentence acceptable? (I learned American English, not British English, and that is possibly where this debate is stemming from.)Example One: "I am your friend and am seeking your help."Versus "I am your friend and I am seeking your help." Example Two: "I need your help so am asking for your assistance."Versus: "I need your help so I am asking for your assistance.""Can anyone provide clarity to this? My American friends say both are acceptable and my British friends say the second option in both examples is the only acceptable answer.Thank you in advance for any help.

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Edie T. answered • 08/01/19

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