Asked • 06/22/19

Clauses in Sentences?

I understand that a clause contains (in order) a subject, verb and object, like below: > He let his daughter. "He" is the subject, "let" is the verb and "his daughter" is the object. But what about the sentence below? I need some help identifying the subjects and objects. > He let his daughter listen to the music. Is this sentence two clauses? *He let his daughter* and *his daughter listen to the music*? I enquired about this and I was told that the second cannot be a clause because the verb is not finite. Is this true? My stance at the moment is: **Part 1** - Subject: *He* - Verb: *let* - Object: *his daughter* **Part 2** - Subject: *his daughter* - Verb: *listen* - Object: *the music*

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