Asked • 06/01/19

Why would lactate be high in diabetics?

Why are lactate level high in diabetes? For example, type II diabetes are resistant to insulin. If those patients are insulin resistant their gluconeogenesis should be working at a high rate and, because of that, lactate uptake by the liver should be removing lactate from the blood.Alternatively, type I diabetics don't produce insulin, so the ratio insulin/glucagon would always be very low and gluconeogenesis should be stimulated... So I don't understand why lactate levels are high in diabetes... Can someone help me?<sub>PS. This question came up after doing an experiment in school, with diabetic rats and normal rats. Diabetic rats had higher levels of lactate and my professor said that it was because the diabetic rats don't perform gluconeogenesis and so, lactate accumulates in the plasma. But it doesn't make sense for me.</sub>

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Divyesh D. answered • 06/09/19

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Third Year Medical Student (M.D) | B.S in Biochemistry

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