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Al B.

asked • 05/16/19

Calculating a scale ratio based on total sqft


I have a printout of a total office layout and know the real sqft for three of the offices. I need to figure out the sqft of the rest of the offices using a scale. I can measure the office LxW using mm on a ruler and find the total mm area of the office on paper. I need to use this mm to build a scale ratio for the rest of the offices.

My thinking, say I know an office is 93sqft, it's length = 15mm on paper and width = 7mm on paper.

15mmx7mm = 105mm on paper...105sqmm -> 0.00113021sqft

(0.00113021:93sqft) -> this should be the scale ratio?

So another office is 16mm X 14mm = 224sqmm -> 0.00241112sqft

0.00241112 x 82285.59 = 198 sqft, right?

This seems way too complicated. Is there an easier way?

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Mark M. answered • 05/17/19

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Mathematics Teacher - NCLB Highly Qualified

Al B.

Thanks for the insight, however, we are unable to take actual measurements of the space and are relying on the layout and figuring out a scale. What we know for sure, actual SQFT, and then it's measuring the office space on with a ruler and trying to figure out a scale for the other unknown SQFT


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