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Asked • 03/24/19

Is there a verb that means to write in calligraphy?

There are several different verbs that deal with handwriting. Write, Handwrite, sketch, draw... then there is Type, key-in... etc. Is there a verb that means to write in calligraphy? I have thought of the verb 'to pen' something, but many times that means to just write longhand. (or use a pen, or take a note...) The sentence I found a need for the word was that a friend said he would write a note on a box in fancy handwriting. I expressed a thought that you could write underneath the word art, in parentheses '(you better like this, it took me 15 minutes to ________ the lettering) A word that came to mind (not a real word) was something like calligriphate, or calligrafy.

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