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how to solve the inequality

how to solve the inequality 4(5y+1)≥-36. Then write the answer in interval notation.

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2 Answers

Hello Kayla,

It looks like Lindsey copied the wrong question.  As for the inequality above, I would divide both sides by 4 vs. distributing the will save you time and reduce your chances for errors...than subtract 1 from both sides with the last step being divide both sides by 5...which will result in y > -2 

Hi Kayla, 

Treat this like a regulator equation. Start by distributing the 4: 4(5y+1) = 20y+4

So you have 20y + 4 > -36    (Subtract 4 from both sides)

Now the inequality becomes: 20y > -40

Dividing by 20 gives us: y > -2