Lillian K.

asked • 01/25/19

URGENT! MY MATHLETES COMP IS TOMORROW! This was a question in my mathletes packet, and similar ?s keep coming up, I would love a solution and explanation for it, thanks!

Pilot Matt flew the first 340 miles of his 1190 mile flight at a constant speed. He checked his fuel consumption and realized that to be safe he should decrease his speed by 1.5 miles per minute. Matt landed his plane with not much fuel to spare, and he noticed that if he had flown his entire flight at the lower speed the trip would have only taken 6 minutes longer. What was the slower speed, in miles per hour? Express your answer to the nearest whole number. My mathletes competition is in the morning of 1/25/19

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Victoria V. answered • 01/25/19

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