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Whats the relative velocity

if a crow flies into a headwind of 10m/s and the crow still achieves a relative velocity of 6m/s compared to the ground then what would his relative velocity be if that same wind where a tailwind?

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A headwind is a wind that blows against your head, slowing you down. If the crow's airspeed is V, then its speed with the 10 m/s headwind is (V - 10) m/s. The relative velocity is 6 m/s, so
(V - 10) m/s = 6 m/s
V = 16 m/s
With a tailwind, the wind blows from behind, and speeds the crow up. The crow's airspeed is still 16m/s, but the tailwind makes it faster instead of slower.
Can you figure the rest out yourself?