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My height is 147cm and my new height size is 30.5cm. I need to know how to set this up as a proportion and solve it.

Thanks for the help!

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Ratio of height to new height = height:new height = 147/30.5 = 4.82

This is a ratio problem and not a proportion problem. 

Ratio is the answer obtained by dividing two similar quantities (quantities with same units). We use symbol : to specify ratio.

Equality of two ratios is called proportion. We indicate that ratio of a/b is same as ratio of c/d as follows.

a/b=c/d or a:b = c:d

In a proportion problem, normally one of the 4 variables is unknown and we can solve for it as follows.


3/4 = x/12, find x.

3/4 = x/12....multiply both sides by 12

3/4 * 12 = x/12 * 12 ....simplify

3 * 3 = x

x = 9