Paige N.

asked • 09/09/14

Need help in solving these questions!

How do you solve these problems in Statistics? The topic is about Testing the Difference between two population means case of two independent samples.
I really am finding it hard to solve these questions. It's only 2 questions though and it's base on testing hypothesis, so it has steps on how to solve it. But this time it has 2 population means unlike the other one is only one population mean. But the problem is, how to do you solve these 2 questions? If it's okay, can you provide a detailed steps and how you got it? I seriously spent a day on thinking how to get the answers but to no avail. Please help me Wyzanters! :(
Here are the questions:
1. Do you view chocolate bar as delicious or fattening? Your attitude may depend on your gender. A researcher examined the importance of food as a source of pleasure versus concerns about food associated w/ weight gain and health. The following results were obtained;
Males                                                     Females
n= 31                                                    n= 32
Sample mean= 29                                  Sample mean= 35
Sample SD= 3.4                                     Sample SD= 5.6
Based on the results, is there a significant difference between the attitudes of males and females? Level of significance is 0.01
2. A course in Psych is taught to 10 students by the traditional method.  Another group of 11 students was given the same course by means of another method.  At the end of the semester, the same test was administered to each group.  The 10 students under method A made an average of 82 with a standard deviation of 5, while the eleven students under method B made an average of 78 with a standard deviation of 6.  is there a significant difference in the performance of the two groups of students at 5% level of significance? 

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Dattaprabhakar G. answered • 09/09/14

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Michael W. answered • 09/09/14

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