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How do I solve this Chemistry problem on activation energy?

The rate constant  for the gas phase decomposition of N2O5 has the following temperature dependence 
T (K)       k (s^-1)
338.        5.0×10-4
318          3.5×10^-5
How do I make the appropriate graph using the data and determine the activation energy for the reaction?

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You can graph the data or you can use the Arrhenius equation where ln (k2/k1) = -Ea/R(1/T2 - 1/T1) and solve for Ea.
Be sure to use K in Kelvin and R = 8.314 J/K-mole.
The graphical method would be to plot ln k as a function of 1/T and the slope would be equal to Ea/R, but with only 3 data points, your graph may not be the best.