Helayna I.

asked • 12/24/17

AP Chemistry Question

Which of the following statements best explains why phosphorus ions tend to have a charge of -3?
(A) Phosphorus atoms want to gain 3 electrons in order to fill their p-subshell
(B) Phosphorus is only 3 electrons away from having the same number of electrons as a noble gas
(C) Phosphorus will be the most stable with a full third energy level
(D) Phosphorus is in period 3 of the periodic table and thus needs 3 additional electrons.

1 Expert Answer


Arturo O.

Hello J.R.S.,
When you get a chance, please take a look at the chemistry question entered immediately below this one.  I think all of the answer choices are wrong.  What do you think?


J.R. S.

Yes, I would agree. Certainly x-rays, as used in X-ray crystallography, would be an appropriate answer, as would possibly radio waves which I believe are part of the NMR approach to studying structure. But none of the choices presented Seem appropriate. Merry Xmas. 


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