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Taylor S.

asked • 12/03/17

21 3/4 pages in 2/5 hours unit rate

I hate math and need to pass math class

Stanton D.

Taylor, no problem, you'll hate math a little less once you get some problem analysis skills. First, consider what the "unit rate" refers to. Must be pages per hour, right (rates are frequently in units of something, per time unit)? OK, if you want to get that as a result, convert the "pages" into an improper fraction (b/c fractions are always easier to calculate with than mixed numbers like 21 3/4) = (84+3)/4 = 87/4. Next, you might (generally) have to convert the "time" given into an improper fraction -- but, it's already a fraction, so you're OK. Lastly, divide that first number by the second number == (87/4)/(2/5) . Recall that to divide by a fraction, you flip the denominator over and multiply by it, so now you have: (87/4)*(5/2) = (87*5) / (4*2) . You do the math from there, and then convert it back into a mixed number, and you're done.


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