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What are the 5 main groups of stars?

We are doing the solar system and we have to do a stargazing word search but we have to answer the questions above it to find the words. The problem is tho is that i can't find the answer for the "5 main group of stars

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There is more than one way to group stars.  For example, they may be grouped by where they appear on a plot of luminosity vs. spectral class, called the Hertzsprung-Russel (H-R) diagram.  They may be grouped by spectral type (of which there are 7), or some other way.  The H-R diagram has 4 groups:
1.  Supergiants
2.  Giants
3.  Main sequence
4.  White dwarfs
Perhaps you could add black holes as a 5th group of stars.  Can you tell us more about the context of the question?