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Mom advice?

I am a academically gifted student and can learn faster than most of the kids in my grade. My friend is homeschooled and herI'm has said that she would love to homeschool me. I have BEGGED my mom to let me be homeschooled, and brought up points like saving a BUTT LOAD of money, and me getting the academic challenge I need, but she says she doesn't want me to because she wants me in a school setting. Like I said, I have BEGGED her, but she will not budge. ANY ADVICE FOR CONVINCING MY MOM??? Thanks!

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Hi Lizzie,
Most parents feel insecure about homeschooling if they have no educational background.  I can understand your mom's position as a parent myself.  What you may want to consider is an online class situation.  Your mom would still have a role to play in your education as a mentor, and you would have the formality of a classroom setting which would appeal to your mom.  An excellent example would be k12 (you can find them at  You would be able to advance at your own pace, be challenged, and it is tuition free (at least it is in PA).  I have suggested online to many parents who are looking for a long term solution to their children's educational needs.  Just keep in mind,  time management will be an important tool during your online experience that will aid you now as well as in the future.  I used it frequently in my online degree program.
Best wishes in your educational future. 


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Hi Lizzie,
Perhaps as an alternative to homeschooling, you might look into dual enrollment at the local community college?  When I was in grad school, one of my professor's daughter was home schooled, but when she got to be high school age, she took some classes through community college instead, including math.  Where I work now at community college, I also sometimes run into people who are dual enrolled in high school and college.  That way, you can be in a school setting and still get the academic challenge you need.
If you're still too young to have that option available yet, you might at least find out what you need to do.
Best wishes to you as well,


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Hi Lizzie,
I can think of a few ideas:
  1. First, and please don't be upset by this -- but your Mom could be right ... I know my Mom was often right when I thought she was making a mistake. So perhaps you can ask your Mom for some of the reasons why she wants you "in a school setting".
  2. If your friend's Mom does homeschooling on the weekend, or during the summer, you might ask her if you can attend. This way, you get to "try it before you buy it", and thus be sure you like it.
  3. If you have any opportunities to attend the homeschooling (weekends, summer), ask the homeschooling Mom if she would allow you to bring your Mom to some of the lessons. Perhaps if your Mom gets a chance to experience homeschooling, she would see that some of her reasons for disallowing it are not correct.
  4. If you have a counselor at school, you could discuss homeschooling with the counselor. If the counselor thinks homeschooling is good, then you can ask the counselor to discuss this with your Mom. If your counselor disapproves of homeschooling, listen very carefully to the reasons why -- if they sound reasonable to you, you might want to accept your Mom's decision.
I hope this helps you some. Best wishes.