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What are the set of solutions for y=2x-4

Me and my son have been struggling to find the set of solutions. We need answers
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1 Answer

If you and your son are graphing liner equations, then all you need to do is make a table, selecting different values for x and calculating for y.  For example:
If your equation were y = 3x - 1      then you could choose 0 for x and then y would equal -1 and your solution set would include (0, -1) because of this:  3 times 0 is 0 and 0 minus -1 is -1.  You could choose 1 for x and  then your value for y would be 2 and your set would include (1, 2) because 3 times 1 is 3 and 3 minus 1 is 2....
You would solve your equation in the same manner.  I hope this helps and good luck!