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Factoring using GCF: 6x(squared)a+5xy-4a(squared)y

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1 Answer

6x2a + 5xy - 4a2y

This is a good problem. I would suggest you go about it by finding all prime factors of each monomial.

6x2a ---->  3*2*x*x*a

5xy ------> 5*x*y

-4a2y ---> -2*2*a*a*y

Now note that there is no one prime factor that is common in all three monomials listed above. Instead, you should look at any two monomials and see what is common in them. I will choose the two monomials that have the most commonalities.

6x2a - 4a2y + 5xy

2a(3x2 - 2ay) + 5xy

You can leave your answer as such. If you want to continue further, you can complete the square for the expression inside the parenthesis by first dividing out 3 and then commencing.