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asked • 05/13/17

Thermodynamics problem regarding fugacity and fugacity coefficient.

Hey, I'm at my wit's end when it comes to thermodynamics. Apparently, I was given this little assignment from my lecturer to solve it at home. I need help in solving this, really x_x

A binary liquid mixture of species 1 and 2 is in equilibrium with its vapor at 100C. The overall mole fraction of species 1 in the system is z1 = 0.58 and its liquid-phase mole fraction is x1 = 0.45 . Given :

ln γ1 = 0.71 (x2)^2
ln γ2 = 0.71 (x1)^2

At 100C ;

P1,sat = 65.24 kPa
P2,sat = 19.08 kPa

Conversion Unit ; 1 bar = 101.325 kPa
Use ideal gas constant R = 8314 (cm3 kPa mol-1 K-1)

For species 1,
ω = 0.191
Tc = 420K
Pc = 40.43bar
Zc = 0.277
Vc = 239.3 (cm3 mol-1)
Normal boiling point = 275K

i) Determine the molar fraction of vapor V of the sysmtem
ii) Determine the fugacity and fugacity coefficient of pure liquid species 1 at its normal boiling point.
Thank you in advance :)

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Kevin H. answered • 07/24/19

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