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An expression is shown below

2x3y + 8xy - 4x2y - 16y
Part A: Rewrite the expression so that the GCF is factored completely. 
Part B: Rewrite the expression completely factored. 
(I am unsure of the difference between factoring the GFC and factoring the expression.) :-)

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Hi Lilly,
2x^3y + 8xy - 4x^2y - 16y 
write it like this
2x^3y - 4x^2y + 8xy - 16y (I shuffled the terms to bring similar terms together, which will help with  factoring)
2x^2y(x - 2) + 8y(x - 2) (I factored the first two and the last two terms, respectively). This is the answer to Part A.
You can see that (x - 2) is a common factor. We can use that to completely factor the expression.
(x - 2)(2x^2y + 8y) This is the answer to Part B.