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How do I solve two step equations?

I am very confused with this problem, I do not know how to solve them 
there are many others like this, and I really need to know how to solve them :)

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You first need to get the variable (k) on just one side. You can do this by subtracting 2k from both sides.
2k + 16 = 4k
-2k          -2k
16 = 2k
Now, you should be able to just divide both sides by 2 to get 8 = k (or k = 8, if that works better for you).
You can check your work by filling in 8 wherever you see k in the original problem.
2(8) + 16 = 4(8)
16    + 16 = 32


Just an additional comment.  You might need to keep in mind that 2k and 4k are still like terms, even though they are on separate sides.  As such, they can still be "combined," but you have to get them on the same side, hence -2k on the left to get it off that side and get it with its like term on the right side.