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Formal commands - my answers are supposedly wrong but idk why

this was the example: Hazlo. (ustedes) Háganlo.
and these are the questions:
Léelo. (ustedes)
Conduce. (usted)
No mires. (ustedes)
Ten. (usted)
Limpia. (ustedes)
Sacude. (ustedes)

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Hey there! 
So all of the commands listed are in the informal (tú) form. Remember the rules for forming FORMAL commands, 
1) take the present tense "yo" form of the verb
2) drop the -o
3) add the "opposite" ending (-a for -er/ir verbs and -e for -ar verbs) 
*4) if it's plural (ustedes), don't forget to make your endings plural! -an/-en
For example... 
(from the verb conducir)
1) present tense yo form = conduzco
2) drop the o = conduzc
3) opposite ending is -a =conduzca
4) it is plural = conduzcan 
I hope this helps! If you have more questions, let's set up a session to review commands!