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spanish problem ( IR en el futuro tranalate the following)

1. I'm going to eat at a restaurant today.-  voy a comer en restaurant hoy
2. we are going to study together,-- vamos a estudiar juntos
3. ana is going to practice soccer after school.--ana va a practicar futbol despues de la escuela
4. pedro and kiko are going to attend the dance tomorrow---paco y kiko van a asistir el baile ma
5. I am going to study to get good grades--voy a estudiar para sacar buenas notas
that is my answer for the questions but my teacher said that is wrong answer can you tell me what is anwer

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Clare D. | Spanish TutorSpanish Tutor
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1. Voy a comer en restaurantE hoy. --- i'm not 100% sure if you should say "en restaurante" or "en un restaurante", using the indefinite article that was used in the english sentence. I think it might just be wrong, because you forgot the "e"at the end of restaurante
2. correct
3. correct
4. Pedro y Kiko van a asistir al baile mañana ---- the verb to attend is : asistir + a, because el baile follows, you have to form the contraction "al"
5. correct