Nathalie M.

asked • 01/02/17

find the distance between the lines with the equations y=(2/7)x+4 and y= (2/7)-2

Please explain how you solved this.

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Michael J. answered • 01/02/17

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Stephen M. answered • 01/02/17

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Mark M.

As written the two equations have the same slope, 2/7 and different y-intercepts, +4, and -2.
Therefore the lines of the equations are parallel.


Stephen M.

Mark, the x is omitted from the second equation.  As written, second equation is a constant with zero slope.  It's a fairly obvious assumption that the student meant y = (2/7)x -2, but I like to state assumptions anyway.


Michael J.

Only offsetted (parallel lines) have a consistent distance between them.  So the lines must have the same slope.  Thus
y = (2/7) - 4
is an error.  And if this was the line, the student could have easily simplified it to make it  y=-26/7.
This is why students need to check their posts before submitting them.  Makes less of a headache later on.


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