Katie V.

asked • 11/15/16

Rational Function

given f(x)= t3-2t2-8t/t2-4  find the domain, asymptotes, holes and intercepts.
I know that to find the x intercept you set y=0 and solve for x but I am unsure how to isolate x when the quadratic function cannot be used.
From my understanding it is 0=t3-2t2-8t I am just unsure how to solve for x.
Any help is appreciated, thank you!

Marlene S.

Katie, i think your function should be written as f(t) = (t^3 - 2t^2 - 8t)/(t^2-4)
And you're solving for t.  Hope that helps.


1 Expert Answer


Michael J. answered • 11/15/16

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